The Army Painter ST5101 3 Brush Starter Set Standard Detail Wargamers and Hobby


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The Army Painter 3 Brush Starter Set Standard Detail for Wargamers and Hobby

set is the perfect starting point for the novice painter with the 3
different brush types you need to paint any regular miniatures and
covers the 3 basic techniques: Basecoating. detailing and drybrushing. 
As an added bonus the Detail and Standard brush are with the triangular grip from their popular Wargamer range.

3 Types – 
  • Hobby:
    Standard Brush – This brush is used for basecoating minatures. The size
    is perfect for administering colours in the right places without
    “drowning” the model in paint.
  • Hobby:
    Small Detail – This brush is used for adding tiny details to your
    miniatures such as eyes. tattoos. belt buckles. etc. The sharp point
    also enables you to make tiny black outlines between your base colours.
  • Hobby:
    Drybrush – This is the brush used for drybrushing. To drybrush: use
    lighter colour than your basecoat. then apply paint to your drybrush and
    wipe excess paint off using a cloth/tissue. Move the brush quickly back
    and forth over the raised areas to get the effect.
set for any novice painter looking to add the initial details and
realism to any model for Wargaming. Diorams. Scenics or Model Rail.


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